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Ron Stern Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Travel Writer, Writer, Photo Journalist
Global Gumshoe

I’m paid to visit beautiful and exciting places all over the world. Who wouldn’t want my job?! I’ve been a travel writer and photographer since 2001 an (show more)

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Skills & Interests: travel, photojournalist, rockies, europe, asia, usa, canada, be a travel writer, become a travel writer, be a photojournalist, become a photojournalist, business plan, travel writing jobs, travel writing career, career in travel writing, jobs in travel writing, colorado, denver, boulder, fort collins, colorado rockies, and writer

David Biespiel Portland, Oregon, United States
Writer, Poet
Attic Institute

Writing is the art I do. It's as much a compulsion as it is an attitude, a career, and lifestyle, a way of being. I chose to be a writer to find out wh (show more)

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Skills & Interests: poet, be a poet, become a poet, be a writer, become a writer, freelance, free-lance, poetry, writing workshop, communications, research, academia, university, be a professor, professor, portland, oregon, oregon state university, wake forest, fiction, non fiction, writing strategy, editing, biography, autobiography, agent, writing coach, publishing, publishers, seattle, washington, new york, manhattan, book cover, title, media, PR, writer, editor, and marketing

Marty McCarty Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Editor, Writer, Freelance Journalist
Ah! Plause! Productions

The writer’s life is as challenging, creative, glamorous, rewarding and meaningful as you make it. It is intense. It is fun. And it doesn’t come easily (show more)

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Skills & Interests: editing, journalist, journalism, communications, be a writer, be an editor, be a journalist, become a writer, become an editor, become a journalist, editing jobs, writing jobs, communications jobs, journalism jobs, editing career, writing career, communications career, journalism career, writing business plan, creative writing, writing for newspapers, writing for magazines, writing biographies, copywriting, copywriter, blog, blogging, freelance, freelancer, freelance writing, freelance journalist, newspaper, magazine, online, kansas city, missouri, kansas, st louis, chicago, new york, NPR, writer, editor, and writing

Melissa Broughton Santa Barbara, California, United States
Esthetician, Writer
Spa Defined

I visit spas to have treatments and then write about them for various websites and publications. Yes! This is my job. Well, OK, part of my job. In a (show more)

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Skills & Interests: physiology, esthetician, community college, writing, blogging, skin, skin condition, skin treatment, facial, spa, aesthetics, good skin, healthy skin, wellness, be an esthetician, become an esthetician, esthetician clinic, business plan, marketing, travel, teaching, beauty, fashion, spa treatment, spa business, own a spa, spa owner, be a spa owner, and become a spa owner

LeAnn Locher Portland, Oregon, United States
Writer, Brand Marketing Agency Owner, Communications Manager
LeAnn Locher & Associates

I am so lucky! I get to do the work I love most—creative development—for organizations, institutions, and businesses doing important, meaningful work i (show more)

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Skills & Interests: brand, branding, messaging, communications, writing, editing, start a branding agency, start a creative agency, open a branding agency, open a creative agency, open a communications agency, start a communications agency, open a communications firm, start a communications firm, open a branding firm, start a branding firm, start a creative firm, open a creative firm, start a marketing agency, start a marketing firm, open a marketing agency, open a marketing firm, graphic design, graphic designer, start a graphic design firm, start a graphic design agency, open a graphic design firm, open a graphic design agency, creative jobs, creative careers, jobs in marketing, careers in marketing, jobs in branding, careers in branding, jobs in graphic design, careers in graphic design, jobs in communications, careers in communications, gardener, master gardener, LGBTQ, women, children, and environment

Jodi Helmer Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Travel Writer, Writer, Freelance Journalist, Journalist

Writing encompasses all of things a dream job should - it's creative, flexible and fun. I'm able to travel, talk to top experts in the fields of health (show more)

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Skills & Interests: writer, journalist, freelance, freelance journalist, be a writer, be a journalist, be a freelance journalist, be a travel writer, become a writer, become a journalist, become a freelance journalist, writing expert, writing advisor, writing mentor, journalism expert, journalism advisor, journalism mentor, writing job, job in writing, writing career, career in writing, job in freelancing, freelance career, career in freelancing, freelance job, charlotte, north carolina, food, travel, travel writing, become a travel writer, national geographic, shape magazine, entrepreneur, entrepreneur magazine, writing for magazine, writing for newspaper, and writing for online

Michael Maupin St Paul, Minnesota, United States
Writer, Editor, Blogger

The most important thing about any type of writing is telling a great story—creating a hook at the beginning, pulling the reader through the story and (show more)

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Skills & Interests: writer, editor, be an editor, become an editor, be a writer, become a writer, writing a novel, writing non fiction, writing fiction, publisher, book publishing, self publishing, e-publishing, ebooks, ebook, blog, blogging, saint paul, minnesota, minneapolis, writing advisor, writing expert, writing mentor, editing advisor, editing expert, editing mentor, editing jobs, editing career, writing job, writing career, jobs in editing, career in editing, jobs in writing, and career in writing

Mariellen Ward Delhi, Delhi, India
Travel Writer, Writer, Blogger

Travelling the world -- especially South Asia -- and writing are my two greatest passions in life. Being a travel writer and blogger, enables me to bri (show more)

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Skills & Interests: travel writer, blogger, be a travel writer, be a writer, be a blogger, become a travel writer, become a writer, become a blogger, toronto, ontario, canada, india, make money writing, make money being a travel writer, pitch, write, edit, and writer

Anna Davies Savannah, Georgia, United States
Freelance Journalist, Writer, Reporter, Magazine Editor

If you want autonomy in your work, the chance to exercise your creativity, a way to share your interests with millions of readers and a great work/life (show more)

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Skills & Interests: magazine editor; freelance journalist; young adult author; editor; writer

James Moore Austin, Texas, United States
Political Commentator, Journalist, Writer, Author

**Jim is a NEW PivotPlanet Advisor!** Being a writer, journalist and political commentator allows me to follow my love of writing and help people un (show more)

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Skills & Interests: writer, journalist, politcal commentator, be a writer, become a writer, be a journalist, become a journalist, be a politcal commentator, become a poliltical commentator, writing, writing nonfiction, political writing, communications, communications strategies, Emmy, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Huffingtonpost, Huffington Post, Austin, Texas, expert writer, expert journalist, expert political commentator, politico, be a politico, become a politico, writing expert, writing advisor, and writing mentor

Sarah Fletcher London, United Kingdom
Freelance Journalist, Freelance Writer, Journalist, Writer

I'm a freelance journalist who writes for national newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, The Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Grazia, Stylist (show more)

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Skills & Interests: journalist, writer, features, newspapers, magazines, national, and columnist

Ross Dworman Seattle, Washington, United States
Leadership Trainer, Writer, Program Manager, Information Technology Manager

For 35+ years in management and leadership roles, I led technology teams through projects and operations which transformed and sustained successful bus (show more)

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Skills & Interests: Technology Resilience Planning, Budget Planning and Management, Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Recruiting & Team Building, Project Management, and Technology Management