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I am so lucky! I get to do the work I love most—creative development—for organizations, institutions, and businesses doing important, meaningful work in the world.

I’m a sole proprietor of my graphic design, communications and branding business that I started in 2006 and work out of my home studio, but I pull in partners as needed.

I'm a firm believer in having a diverse life of interests: I'm an Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener, a committed supporter of LGBTQ rights and racial equity, and I'm learning how to play the accordion (yes, you read that correctly!). Interests outside of the work only make you better at the work.

Here’s just a bit of what I would like to cover in our PivotPlanet session(s):
- How there is lucrative work for creatives in the social change realm;
- Design and branding are strategic AND intuitive work;
- When you do outstanding work and treat your clients really well, word of mouth is a powerful thing for landing the next project;
- The time you spend away from the work feeds your work; and
- When you believe in the mission of the client, it only makes your work 1,000 times better.

And anything else you want to ask about the profession I love!


I do branding, graphic design and communication strategy, specializing in work for non-profit and social change organizations. This is my dream business. The work I do puts a face and message to important issues that I care deeply about, like our libraries, healthcare, racial equity, LGBTQ rights, women, children and the environment.

I get to delve in to discover what the magic story or visual will be that will elicit support for my clients and their causes. The work I do combines social change and creativity.

Before founding my own company, I was a vice president at a national communications agency, developing strategy and creative for national non-profits. I have worked on both sides of the agency: strategy and project management, as well as creative.

When I launched my own business, I was seeking to be able to be more hands-on with my work. I had grown so high in the agency I was no longer doing the actual creative work. I was able to get back to the one-on-one client work, really loving and treating my clients well, doing the creative work, from beginning to end, and delivering the best products that I knew from the inside out.

I'm proud to have jumped out onto my own in this big world and to be thriving doing work for the best clients ever.

My work has been recognized by Communication Arts, Public Relations Society of America and published in several books on effective graphic design. And while I appreciate the recognition, design competitions aren’t really an indicator of great work. Happy clients who come back for more and talk about you are the true indicators.

I have a foundation in both strategy and creative design. I was always told that I would have to choose between strategy and design, but my not choosing was the smartest thing I ever did. I have the ability to create campaigns that are both effective and pretty.

There are many projects that I’m proud of. A few of them are: Branding for the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging, The National Crittenton Foundation, and the Institute of Medicine's brand revision to all print materials. The decisions I made in all of those projects are specific, thoughtful and reflective of the organizations.

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