Graphic Designer

  • Kiersa Notz Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


    Art Director, Graphic Designer

    I really enjoy the challenge of finding a solution. That is why I enjoy my job so much. Design is about finding a solution to a communication problem. (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: designer, art design, creative design, communications, be a designer, become a designer, be an art designer, become an art designer, be a creative director, become a creative director, design firm, start a design firm, own a design firm, graphic design, be a graphic designer, become a graphic designer, expert designer, expert graphic designer, expert art designer, design expert, design mentor, design advisor, minneapolis, minnesota, st paul, clients, word of mouth, and creative process

  • Jessica Northey Jacksonville, Florida, United States


    Photographer, Creative Director, Graphic Designer

    Content Culture Agency

    I’m an independent multimedia designer that’s eager to integrate creative and innovative designs and concepts into your digital marketing projects. I h (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: art, graphic design, photography, photoshop, and Layout