About Us

PivotPlanet Solves A Problem and Creates New Opportunities

Since 2004, PivotPlanet’s founder, Brian Kurth, and his VocationVacations career mentorship team have provided thousands of one- to three-day in-person mentorship experiences to people exploring a new career or a path not taken.

The global financial crisis that started in 2008 brought changes to VocationVacations as well. Though the economic downturn pushed a traditional on-site mentorship out of reach for many people, the demand for first-hand career advice from people working in actual professions was higher than ever.

Brian recognized this as an opportunity to find new ways to offer career mentorship – more options, lower price points and easy accessibility. The social networking revolution, combined with an explosion of online peer-to-peer marketplaces, gave Brian his opportunity to “pivot”. He knew providing real career and life experience from experts in their fields had value in the global marketplace. He just had to figure out how to “bring it to the people” faster and within their budget while still offering a high-quality experience.

Enter PivotPlanet in the spring of 2012.

For as little as $50 per hour, PivotPlanet connects people around the world looking to “pivot” from an existing career to a new career or enhance their current job skills with expert advisors working in hundreds of fields. These advisors offer affordable video and phone sessions.

PivotPlanet goes beyond connecting online, career coaching or corporate outplacement.

PivotPlanet is the resource for finding real-life career and start-up business advice shared by experienced advisors who can answer your questions and offer insights into their profession. Anywhere. Anytime.

PivotPlanet offers direct access to the ins and outs, the life lessons and the know- how of experts in hundreds of professions. People who have “been there and done that.” It's for aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s for people burned-out in the corporate cubicle and looking for a new direction. It’s for college students about to take their first steps into the real world. It's for baby boomers planning encore careers. It’s for anyone looking to hone existing professional skills.

PivotPlanet is for anyone who has wondered, “What if? Could I really do this? Is it too late? How can I become better at what I do?”

PivotPlanet advisors offer real-life career experience.

Here are five steps to get your questions answered:

  1. Sign up for PivotPlanet.
  2. Send a message to the advisor(s) requesting a one-hour live video or phone conference and provide up to 10 times and dates that work for your schedule.
  3. The advisor(s) will accept a time or propose up to three new times.
  4. Select a time and pay for your meeting.
  5. Connect with your advisor(s). Easy!

Why become a PivotPlanet advisor?

For lots of reasons, but primarily:
  1. To earn supplemental income
  2. To make a difference in people’s lives
  3. To gain valuable credibility in your field