Ross Dworman

Seattle, Washington, United States

Leadership Trainer, Writer, Program Manager, Information Technology Manager


For 35+ years in management and leadership roles, I led technology teams through projects and operations which transformed and sustained successful business missions. My experience covered the gamut of leadership responsibilities, from strategic planning to recruiting and motivating teams to project resourcing and implementation. Technology leadership offers exciting and ever-evolving opportunities for professional and personal growth as well as for the deep satisfaction from helping others develop and accomplish their goals.


I have over thirty-five years of technology leadership responsibility in ever-increasing spans of control and accountability. Over the course of my leadership career my portfolio has included directing teams in user support and training, business system operations, project planning and execution, business continuity and security, and quality assurance and system audit-ability. Threaded throughout these areas of focus were the common requirements to plan strategically in concert with business mission, to build and sustain skilled and motivated teams, to resource projects with appropriate and fiscally responsible assets, and to assure stakeholder requirements and interests were successfully addressed.

Technology leadership can be an exciting and highly rewarding profession. It presents many opportunities for professional and personal growth. It also requires a significant pivot from individual, hands-on technology wrangling to a very different set of skills and talents. Communication, interpersonal management, emotional intelligence, political savvy, broad-scale planning, and strategic business thinking are among the major concerns that preoccupy managers and leaders. With the right guidance and mentoring, individuals entering the leadership arena can make this transition successfully. Without, new managers and leaders may struggle up a longer, rockier, and sometimes insurmountable learning curve.

The most rewarding aspect of my long career in technology leadership has been the opportunity to help others identify and develop their unique strengths and contributions for leadership. Working with clients of Pivot Planet, I look forward to helping them:

• Understand the roles of technology leadership
• Assess their readiness to make the transition to the first level or next level of leadership
• Map a career path towards their leadership goals
• Create and support their development plans to strengthen readiness for leadership
• Support the transition once they have entered the leadership arena