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Program Manager

Mike Boucher Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Program Manager, Project Manager, Software Development Program Manager

The most exciting aspect of my job as a development program manager is working with a project team to help them envision and share a goal and then achi (show more)

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Ross Dworman Seattle, Washington, United States
Leadership Trainer, Writer, Program Manager, Information Technology Manager

For 35+ years in management and leadership roles, I led technology teams through projects and operations which transformed and sustained successful bus (show more)

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Skills & Interests: Technology Resilience Planning, Budget Planning and Management, Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Recruiting & Team Building, Project Management, and Technology Management

Michael Davis Attleboro, Massachusetts, United States
Project Manager, Program Manager, Product Manager

Michael "Mike" Davis has several decades of teaching and business experience in a variety of roles as a specialist, manager, general manager, director, (show more)

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Skills & Interests: Experiences, Coaching, Writing, Kayaking, Hiking, Family, and Travel