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Katie Rice Jones San Francisco, California, United States
Katie Rice Jones/Comcast Hometown Network

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved fashion. That passion eventually led me down the path of hosting a local, lifestyle TV show that focuses o (show more)

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Martin Zied Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Television, Filmmaking

The best advice I’ve ever gotten about communications is to listen. It’s served me a hundred times or more. I started my career in television as a (show more)

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Interests: tv production, tv news production, tv producer, tv director, be a tv producer, become a tv producer, be a tv director, become a tv director, be a tv news producer, become a tv news producer, new york, philadelphia, cbs, nbc, abc, fox, news editing, tv editing, tv show, tv news, hosting a tv show, tv writing, news writing, news research, tv news mentor, tv news advisor, tv news expert, tv mentor, tv advisor, tv expert, and developing stories

Sandy Cummings Bend, Oregon, United States

I sometimes pinch myself at how fortunate I am to be able to make a living doing what I love – being a television producer. I feel I learn something ne (show more)

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Interests: Television, producer, television producer, TV producer, be a television producer, become a television producer, be a tv producer, become a tv producer, storytelling, storyline, freelance production, los angeles, california, new york, bend, oregon, network television, dateline, nbc, jane pauley, ann curry, keith morrison, stone phillips, tv producer expert, expert tv producer, tv producer advisor, tv producer mentor, television producer advisor, television producer mentor, and television producer expert

Daniel Daube Atlanta, Georgia, United States
TV Technologist

We in the post-production community live at the crossroads of creativity and technology. In my job, I have the unique opportunity to work on high profi (show more)

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Interests: TV, television, be a TV editor, become a TV editor, become a television editor, be a television editor, editorial, post-production, television production, turner broadcasting, emmy award, atlanta, georgia, television producer, be a television producer, become a television producer, be a TV producer, become a TV producer, TBS, video production, digital video, editing video, and editor

Michelle McCalope Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Television, Communications

Being both a web producer and reporter gives me flexibility in my work. The web offers me the opportunity to write about events going on in my area and (show more)

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Interests: television reporter, be a television reporter, become a television reporter, web producer, be a web producer, become a web producer, digital producer, be a digital producer, become a digital producer, television production, television reporting, TV reporting, tv reporter, be a tv reporter, become a tv reporter, be a tv web producer, become a tv web producer, oprah, essence, magazine writer, magazine journalist, washington post, Association of Black Journalists, journalist, be a journalist, become a journalist, tv journalist, be a tv journalist, become a tv journalist, baton rouge, and editor

Kristofer Updike New York City, New York, United States
Entertainment, Television, Animation Production, Acting
Hickory House Entertainment

Experienced Development Executive with a broad career in Live Action SCripted/Unscripted, Animation, Television, Film, Streaming, Theatre, Acting and T (show more)

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Interests: Development Exec., Design, Directing, Theatre, Film, TV Development, Producing, and Art