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Martin Zied Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Television, Filmmaking

The best advice I’ve ever gotten about communications is to listen. It’s served me a hundred times or more. I started my career in television as a (show more)

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Paul Bright Portland, Oregon, United States
Filmmaking, Screenwriting, Film Direction

As an independent filmmaker I am my own boss. I don't have to answer to or be responsible for anyone except my family and loved ones. When I have an im (show more)

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Interests: filmmaker, indie filmmaker, be a filmmaker, become a filmmaker, be an indie filmmaker, become an indie filmmaker, film, television, film production, film producer, be a film producer, become a film producer, los angeles, austin, texas, new york, film writer, screenwriter, be a screenwriter, become a screenwriter, how to get a film funded, actor, actors, audience, theatre, film crew, cameraman, portland, and oregon

Nina Gilden Seavey Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Documentary Filmmaking, Filmmaking, Education
The Documentary Center

Being a documentary filmmaker is a great privilege, but it also carries a great responsibility. The most challenging part of that responsibility is to (show more)

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Interests: documentary filmmaker, filmmaker, documentary filmmaking, filmmaking, become a documentary filmmaker, be a documentary filmmaker, become a filmmaker, be a filmmaker, filmmaker expert, filmmaker advisor, filmmaker mentor, documentary filmmaker advisor, documentary filmmaker mentor, documentary filmmaker expert, and washington dc