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Business Strategy

Tanya Griffin Los Angeles, California, United States
Interior Design, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship
Lotus Designs LLC

I'm an interior designer whose calm demeanor and attention-to-detail instills confidence in clients. Over the course of 20 years, I honed my design ski (show more)

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Interests: interior design, staging, home staging, los angeles, california, san francisco, san diego, palm springs, orange county, be a home stager, be an interior designer, become an interior designer, business plan, open a staging company, open a home staging company, start a house staging company, start an interior design company, open an interior design, house plans, home plans, fabric, textiles, furniture, draperies, curtains, blinds, ins and outs, designer, marketing, and CA

John Spence Gainesville, Florida, United States
Speaking, Business Strategy
John Spence, LLC

I get paid to play. I think, read, study and then tell people about it. Since 1994 I have been traveling all over the world doing professional speaking (show more)

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Interests: speaker, professional speaker, speaking, corporate speaker, be a speaker, be a professional speaker, become a speaker, become a professional speaker, microsoft, ibm, ge, merill lynch, qualcomm, thought leader, presenter, research, Rockefeller Foundation, florida, orlando, tampa, gainesville, university of florida, career in professional speaking, jobs in professional speaking, professional speaking jobs, professional speaking careers, Leadership 500 Excellence Awards, Trust Across America, and events

Brian Kurth Denver, Colorado, United States
Product Management, Technology Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy
Revere Software

Product Development: Creative product developer. My companies, Pivot Planet Inc. and VocationVacations, have been recognized by thought leaders, incl (show more)

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Interests: become an entrepreneur, be an entrepreneur, small business, start a small business, start a company, entrepreneurship, skills-based volunteering, pro bono consulting, social impact, social innovation, CSR, corporate social responsibility, immigration, refugee, and nonprofit

Bahadir Bolukbasi Menlo Park, California, United States
Entrepreneurship, Online Retailing, Marketing, Business Strategy

I love helping people and companies find direction on marketing, business strategy, and innovation related challenges. I've also enjoyed mentoring peop (show more)

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Interests: Travel, Fitness, Science, and Tech