John Spence

Gainesville, Florida, United States

Professional Speaker, Speaker, Business Strategist

John Spence, LLC

I get paid to play. I think, read, study and then tell people about it. Since 1994 I have been traveling all over the world doing professional speaking, corporate training, executive coaching and business consulting. My mission is to make the very complex….awesomely simple. My clients refer to me as a "Human Cliff Notes"!

I have worked with more than 300 organizations worldwide including Microsoft, IBM, GE, Abbott, Merrill Lynch, Qualcomm and dozens of private companies, government offices and non-profits. I have a home office and two employees with annual revenue of more than a million dollars.

Professional speaking is a highly competitive business. So, the more you know going into this profession the better. I will share with you what it takes to do this job; how to succeed; how to manage the travel schedule; how to deal with other speakers and how to have life balance in this career which can be a challenge when you are away from home at least 225 days a year like I am.


There are three main elements I bring to my work: research, real-life experience and return on investment.

I personally read at least 100 business-related books a year and listen to 50 more on audio. This gives me an incredible breath of knowledge to draw upon for my presentations. Trust Across America named me one of the Top 100 thought leaders in trustworthy business behavior. I was also among those chosen for the elite Leadership 500 Excellence Awards for 2014 based on my contributions in the areas of leadership development and building high-performance organizations.

Some presenters understand the theory and research but have no experience applying this information. I do. I am the former CEO of a Rockefeller Foundation; the owner of several small businesses and have served on dozens of management teams for clients around the world. I understand the real work world and have the credibility to present tough topics as a peer.

I want my clients to feel they are getting a great return on their investment. I am committed to delivering programs that give practical tools that can be applied immediately to their business and lives.

Flexibility, freedom, meeting interesting people, travel, great compensation….no wonder I absolutely LOVE my job.