Mella Barnes

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Songwriter, Singer, Session Singer

Mella Music

I am a full-time session singer with years of music industry experience. Whether you're looking to be a session singer yourself or write songs for singers, I can help!


I work full-time as a session singer, and I have a ton of behind-the-scenes industry experience. I can help any of the following:

- Singers who want career options
- People who want to learn to sing
- Songwriters who want to get singers for their work
- Anyone curious about pitches, sessions or industry news

All advice will be tailored specifically to you and your needs, desires and abilities. We'll start wherever you are, no need to come with a lot of experience! This is for newbies all the way up to advanced music people. All are welcome!

I have trained in theater, classical and pop performance. I also have a bachelor's degree in business, which is how I've been able to use both to forge a lasting career as a music entrepreneur. I've had a record deal (it fell through, but I learned a lot). I've worked with some of the best and worst around and I'd love to help you in any way I can!