Lori Berkowitz

New York, New York, United States


Lori Berkowitz Photography

My definition of bliss is making a great living while feeding my creative soul. My photography business does just that…and a whole lot more.

I’ve been a photographer since 1999. My business is small. I'm the only full time employee but there are many freelance support players that make each shoot happen and help the business run smoothly.

I work in all elements of Boudoir and Portrait photography including post-production and touch-up via Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. I do 30 shoots a month working with individual and corporate clients. I also have a team of stylists, and make up artists to work on each production.

Here’s just a bit of what we can review in our PivotPlanet sessions:
• How to start a freelance photography business
• How to obtain more clients in your specialty areas (and/or discover what your specialty area might be)
• Editing your images for your portfolio or website
• Technical expertise with cameras and lighting based on your specific needs
• Specifics of marketing, contracts proposals for jobs
• And anything else you want to ask about the profession I love!


I truly believe there are opportunities in front of us everyday, we only need to leap and maximize the experience. That’s exactly what I did when I got into photography in 1999. I’d always had an interest in photography and found myself consulting on a photo shoot for the record label I worked for. The more I learned, the more I knew I wanted to do this full time.

Photography nurtures my creative and entrepreneurial spirit. I enjoyed my previous jobs in social work and text book publishing, but photography is where my heart is.

I’ve found that to do my best work, I need to stay open to the ideas and insights of others.
I’ve learned to talk less and listen more and that yields the best results.

I can help you transition (slowly or quickly) into this rewarding career!