Mark Maziarz

Deer Valley, Utah, United States


Mark Maziarz Photography LLC

The most unusual shoot I’ve ever taken? I did a dirt biking shoot where I laid on the ground and the bikes jumped over me. I came away with a bloody lip, but the photo remains among my top ten bestselling shots!

I launched Mark Maziarz Photography LLC in 1990 in Park City, Utah. I usually work alone, but I hire assistants and interns for special projects. I work out of a carriage house next to our home, providing photography to national clients.

I am proud to have been an independent photographer and able to sustain myself and my family in a great lifestyle in the mountains of Park City, Utah. I am happy to share with you what I have learned in those years: what to shoot; how to find clients; what kind of equipment to shoot with; how to market yourself and how to lead a satisfying life as a photographer.


I work on a large variety of projects, so I am continually doing research and learning about new people and types of businesses. This keeps my work exciting and new all the time.

I crave new experiences, and I like the idea of exercising both halves of my brain - the blending of technology with art. Photography is an ideal career for me. It allows me to share my thoughts and ideas, visually.

A good stock photographer needs to be able to identify subject matter and composition that is both timeless and “hip”. You need to pay attention to trends, while also thinking about what will continue to bring in revenue 15-20 years down the road.

It is important to listen to yourself and understand what your passions are and follow those interests through your photography. Personal photographic projects develop your style, your portfolio and provide public relations material. I wish I had started doing them as soon as I got into photography.