Ben Weddle

Kansas City, Missouri, United States


Ben Weddle & Associates

I knew I would have to find a career that would hold my interest. Since I couldn't hit a curveball, centerfielder for the Yankees was out. So, I looked for a way to feed my creative side and found it in my introduction to photography in college. Competitive by nature, I set my course to not only become the best photographer I could, but one of the best in the industry.

I have been in the photography business since 1984 and am the owner and president of Ben Weddle & Associates, a premier commercial imaging firm. We provide the highest level of still photography and video, both on-location and in studio. Our staff handles every aspect of pre-production, location logistics, scheduling and delivery of completed concepts for Fortune 500 companies, as well as national editorial clientele such as Newsweek, Time and Sports Illustrated. We travel the world to service our clients’ needs, on time and on budget.

Every assignment is a complex equation that needs to be solved. My muse, tempered with my technical expertise, allows me to execute detailed layouts, flavored with the personal style that brought the client to seek my services initially. At this level, one can experience a high quality of life via the people you encounter, the locations visited, challenges met and the images you create.

Here’s a bit of what we can cover in our PivotPlanet session(s):
• How to determine what you want to do in the field of photography?
• Why do you want it?
• How bad do you want it?
• How can you best accomplish it?
• How to look ahead to the next step in your career.


Prior to starting my own firm, I worked as a broadcast producer at a large advertising agency where my projects were recognized annually with industry awards. However, I wanted to work for myself and was ready to welcome the challenges and rewards of owning my own business.

As the owner of Bed Weddle & Associates, I wear many hats. I deal with everything from sales, advertising and marketing, to financial, insurance, accounting and personnel decisions. I have to keep abreast of technology and invest when and where it will be most effective. The quality control begins and ends with me. My name is on the door and our product is a direct reflection on me. In 2004, Ben Weddle & Associates was chosen as one of the top 25 businesses in Kansas City with under 25 employees.

When the dream of being a photographer for a living popped into my head, I made a vow. I would help and encourage as many people as possible who TRULY wanted to pursue becoming a photographer. In 1987, I established our internship program. Since then, legions of aspiring photographers have had the opportunity to work with the most talented art directors, models, make-up artists, actors and post-production people in the business. Their experiences have jump started their careers by exposing them to proper protocols, industry standards and effective methodologies.