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Roggie Baer Austin, Texas, United States
Talent Management, Music

Music is such an integral part of our lives. When we celebrate we include music, when we grieve we include music, and for most days in between, music’s (show more)

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Interests: music, rock, tour, country, folk, bluegrass, SxSW, talent, artist, austin, texas, agent, music job, job in music industry, be a talent agent, become a talent agent, music tour, roadie, careers in music industry, career in music industry, and nashville

Steve Leslie Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Music Publishing, Songwriting, Music
SNG Music, LLP

I get to write songs for a living. Enough said! Everyday I exercise my creative potential. I’m doing the thing I always dreamed I would do. Living a wr (show more)

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Interests: country music, songwriting, music publisher, southern, country western, folk, rock, guitar, banjo, bass, fiddle, Grammy Award, Grammy Award winner, be a songwriter, become a songwriter, be a music publisher, become a music publisher, get into country music, get into music industry, move to Nashville, write songs, write country music, mark chestnutt, belmont university, billboard, bluegrass, tennessee, kentucky, memphis, atlanta, nashville, knoxvlle, CMA, country music awards, writing songs, playing guitar, learning how to play guitar, leanring how to play the guitar, learning how to write songs, learn how to write songs, learn how to be a songwriter, music business plan, how to publish my songs, how to publish my music, get an agent, music agent, songwriter, and music

Mateo Messina Los Angeles, California, United States
Music Composition, Film Score Composition, Music
kind Music

Even though I’ve had no formal training in music, I landed my dream job writing scores for Hollywood films. My proudest moment is wining a Grammy for t (show more)

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Interests: composing music, music composer, composer, film score composer, be a composer, become a composer, be a film score composer, become a film score composer, composer mentor, composer advisor, composer guru, symphony, symphonies, film scores, writing a film score, Grammy, Oscar, jason reitman, los angeles, california, new york, seattle, washington, songs from movies, movie, movies, film, films, music careers, music jobs, careers in music, jobs in music, careers in film, jobs in film, get a job in film, write a film score, compose a film score, write a movie score, compose a movie score, music studio, hollywood, and music

Jerry Vandiver Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Songwriting, Music, Singing
North Fork Music, ASCAP

Every day I wake up anxious to write my next hit song, demo it in my studio and then pitch it to the movers and shakers in the music business in Nashvi (show more)

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Interests: be a singer, become a singer, be a country singer, become a country singer, songwriting, be a songwriter, become a songwriter, write songs, learning how to write songs, how to publish my songs, writing songs, songwriter mentor, songwriter advisor, songwriting expert, expert songwriter, singer, songwriter, nashville, and country music

Brent Baxter Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Songwriting, Music
Cowboy Chords Music

Although I am a self-published songwriter, songwriting is a team sport. Even when I've had publishing deals, I’ve always considered myself an independe (show more)

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Interests: be a songwriter, become a songwriter, publishing a song, publishing music, music publisher, nashville, tennessee, record label, music producer, alan jackson, music deal, music contract, song analysis, music row, songwriter, and music

Jesse Selengut Brooklyn, New York, United States

As the band leader and owner of Tin Pan, I relish the opportunities to lead a band and create opportunities for the guys in my band to make money, whil (show more)

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Interests: Bandleader, Musician, be a bandleader, be a musician, become a bandleader, become a musician, trumpet, lead a band, start a band, how to make money as a musician, how to make a living as a musician, band leader, brooklyn, new york, and manhattan

Mella Barnes Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Songwriting, Singing, Music
Mella Music

I am a full-time session singer with years of music industry experience. Whether you're looking to be a session singer yourself or write songs for sing (show more)

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Interests: hiking, nature, reading, animals, music, and writing