Dale Dudley

Austin, Texas, United States

Radio Personality, Radio Producer, Announcer

Host of Dudley and Bob KLBJ-FM Austin

Since 1979 (yes, 1979), I have been the host of KLBJ-FM’s “Dudley and Bob”, a morning talk show featuring Texas’ most talented musicians playing live in Austin.

Every day is different. Each day we have a shot at changing someone’s outlook with what we have to say on air. It is both gratifying and challenging.

Aside from a slew of awards, including being inducted into the Texas Hall of Fame, the best rewards are the people who say you changed their lives for the better - the listeners doing chemo or dialysis who got a smile while listening or the trucker who downloads your podcast to listen to while he drives across the country. That’s what makes getting up so early each morning worth it!


I've been doing radio since high school and morning radio for more than thirty years. I spent a few years on the road as a stand-up comedian but soon realized my real love was radio.

For years, I tried to be an amalgam of my favorite broadcasters. I didn't get really comfortable on the air until I began letting my real personality come through.

I have great leeway to be creative allowing me to bring something different to the show every day. It is important to “go with your gut” and always be honest. I'm home most days by noon. My work off the air involves observation of the news, culture and the world around me.

The radio business is changing, but it will still need individual on-air personalities…and people who are willing to work seven day a week, as there are no days off in this business. Nowadays you can also build your own radio station thanks to the Internet.

I look forward to providing you the ins and outs of what it takes to become a successful radio personality!