Voiceover Artist

  • Kim Crow Sarasota, Florida, United States


    Voiceover Artist, Voiceover Producer, Actor

    Kim Crow Voice Over

    Being a voice over artist and actress since the mid-1970’s has been amazing. I have been most fortunate – the phone has never stopped ringing. As a sol (show more)

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  • Shelagh Ratner Los Angeles, California, United States


    Voiceover Artist, Comedian

    Shelagh Ratner

    I love using my voice and talent to connect with people, inspire and make them laugh. I did my first voice over in 1994 for a television spot for La (show more)

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  • Karen Commins Atlanta, Georgia, United States


    Voiceover Artist, Audiobook Producer, Audiobook Narrator, Audiobook Publisher, Spoken Word Recording Artist

    A VOICE Above The Crowd / Jewel Audiobooks

    Whether you’re new to acting or have acted all of your life, you’ll find that performing an audiobook is a unique challenge. A professional voiceove (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: narrator, spoken word, narration, voiceover, how to become an audiobook narrator, acting, actor, audiobook, and publishing