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Veterinary Science

LeA Chadwell Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States
Veterinary Science, Pets

I get to play with puppies all day! I have a high energy, fun job that actually makes a positive impact on living creatures, both human and animal. (show more)

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Interests: veterinary, vet tech, dogs, cats, fish, birds, hamsters, gerbils, horses, animals, kennel, boarding, love dogs, love cats, cat lover, dog lover, become a vet tech, be a vet tech, veterinarian, north carolina, start a vet clinic, animal, hospital, clinic, pet, pets, and pet lover

Jon Geller Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Veterinary Science, Pets
Fort Collins Veterinary

From mending broken wings and bones to getting a tarantula unstuck from duct tape, my job as an emergency veterinarian is always interesting. There are (show more)

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Interests: veterinarian, vet, vet tech, animal hospital, become a veterinarian, be a veterinarian, colorado, dogs, cats, birds, fish, business plan, science, medicine, animal care, health, healthcare, and wellness