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Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

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From mending broken wings and bones to getting a tarantula unstuck from duct tape, my job as an emergency veterinarian is always interesting. There are times that are chaotic, times of calm, times of sadness, times of happiness, times of humor and times of surprise. Flexibility is key to this extremely fulfilling job.

I opened Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital in 1999. Today, we have thirty employees and annual sales of $2.2 million. The hospital is open 24/7/365, and serves a large geographic area of northern Colorado. Our state-of-the-art hospital provides emergency services to small animals of all kinds including dogs, cats, pet birds, small mammals and other exotic pet species.
As an emergency veterinarian, I experience what it takes to be a hero in times of crisis or a reassuring comfort in times of loss.

I will share with you why and how veterinary medicine is more about people than animals. We will discuss many topics related to dealing with pets and their owners. The world of veterinary medicine is amazingly broad and diverse and challenges you to be your best.


In my thirties, I decided to change careers. I left the construction business and went back to school. I earned my doctorate degree of veterinary medicine from Colorado State University and became a veterinarian at the age of forty.

I found a career that is the perfect blend of science, art and compassion. Working with amazing animals and their pets is extremely rewarding. Most people love their pets as if they were their own children. When their pet is unexpectedly injured or sick, they desperately need someone to help. This can be a very frightening time and can often cause the owner to panic. They need someone who can be calm, who they trust, someone who is skilled and available when other veterinarians’ doors are long closed and lights are turned out. They need someone to help their beloved pet and help them quickly.

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    Jon was very detailed in his answers. The session was helpful for to create an initial go-forward strategy as I contemplate this career change!

    John Vignolo