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Music Producer

Scott Herzog Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Music Producer, Recording Engineer
Third Story Recording

Producing an album is an intense responsibility, like a pilot landing a plane. I have the musician’s musical life in my hands. I’ve been a recordin (show more)

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Skills & Interests: music, music engineer, music producer, recording engineer, rock n roll, jazz, blues, mo town, r&b, studio, recording studio, mic, amps, digital recording, analogue recording, be a recording engineer, become a recording engineer, be a music producer, become a music producer, CD, MP3, itunes, apple, record, tape, singer, band, rapper, and musician

Jeffrey Weber Beverly Hills, California, United States
Music Producer, Concert Producer, Event Producer
Weberworks Entertainment Group

You want to know what puts a bounce in my step? It’s the challenge of making emotionally evocative and sonically superior music with extraordinarily t (show more)

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Skills & Interests: music producer, record producer, los angeles, california, Grammy, Grammy Award, record, cd, music, rock, r&b, jazz, singer, drummer, guitarist, keyboard, MCA, Warner Brothers, music sales, music publishing, music publisher, songwriter, be a music producer, become a music producer, be a record producer, become a record producer, music jobs, music careers, job in music, career in music, music mentor, music advisor, music expert, music producer mentor, music producer advisor, and music producer expert