Event Producer

  • Samantha Swaim Portland, Oregon, United States


    Event Producer, Fundraising Strategist, Event Planner

    Swaim Strategies

    There are many ways to make the world a better place. I do it by helping non-profit organizations raise the money they need to do their good work. I pu (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: events, events producer, events coordinator, event strategist, fundraising, non profit, nonprofit fundraising, non profit fundraising, theatre, production, auctions, auction, portland, oregon, seattle, washington, grammy, grammy awards, jobs in events, careers in events, event production jobs, event production careers, job working in events, career working in events, non-profit, and nonprofit

  • Jeffrey Weber Beverly Hills, California, United States


    Music Producer, Concert Producer, Event Producer

    Weberworks Entertainment Group

    You want to know what puts a bounce in my step? It’s the challenge of making emotionally evocative and sonically superior music with extraordinarily t (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: music producer, record producer, los angeles, california, Grammy, Grammy Award, record, cd, music, rock, r&b, jazz, singer, drummer, guitarist, keyboard, MCA, Warner Brothers, music sales, music publishing, music publisher, songwriter, be a music producer, become a music producer, be a record producer, become a record producer, music jobs, music careers, job in music, career in music, music mentor, music advisor, music expert, music producer mentor, music producer advisor, and music producer expert

  • Mary Catanzaro Brooklyn, New York, United States


    Event Planner, Event Producer

    Pogo Events

    I love everything about what I do. I bring fun and joy to people. I love the freedom that comes from owning my own business and I love being creative. (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: event, events, planner, event planner, party, scavenger, new york, manhattan, brooklyn, queens, staten island, bronx, connecticut, new jersey, philadelphia, pennsylvania, be an event planner, become an event planner, corporate events, jobs in event planning, careers in event planning, and event planning

  • Michael Coco Chicago, Illinois, United States


    Event Producer, Festival Promoter

    AEG Presents

    I have been fortunate to gain over 12 years of experience working in the sports and entertainment industry and am currently working as an Operations Ma (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: Event Operations, Site Infrastructure, Camping, Traffic, Race Operations, International Licensing, and Community Relations