Paul Cousins

Portland, Maine, United States



I’ve been a meteorologist since 1988 and currently work within a consortium of three meteorologists serving clients throughout the Northeast. I incubated the meteorological consultancy while producing and airing television weathercasts full time.

Our client base consists of commercial/industrial/municipal businesses, media, the energy industry and legal/forensic applications. We currently retain some of the largest companies in their fields throughout the Northeast. In my job, I enjoy all the advantages on an entrepreneur: no one else to answer to, flexible hours, and ability to live anywhere.

Here’s just a bit of what we can cover in our PivotPlanet sessions:
• Learn about various opportunities in meteorology
• Synoptic (forecasting) skills, including surface observation analysis, sounding analysis, upper air analysis, radar interpretations, visible and infrared satellite imagery analyses and observation decoding
• Weather instruments
• Selection of appropriate commercial sites from which to work
• Discuss transmission avenues (MP3, Podcasting, RSS Alerts)
• Professional organizations (AMS, NWA, etc.)
• And anything else you want to ask about the profession I love!


Let's face it, what controls your life more than the weather? When/how/where you work, play, travel, dress are all dictated by the external elements. After all these years, I am still fascinated by my work. A challenging scientific puzzle awaits me every day.

I started my career as a geophysicist with the federal government. I enjoyed the work, but my passion for weather was too great for me to relegate it as a hobby. After a brief stint in school, I vaulted into my first broadcasting position in Portland, ME. I’ve worked throughout the Northeast, but love the beauty and lifestyle of southern Maine.

I will share with you my knowledge of the career possibilities as a meteorologist including in the media, web servicing, environmental and governmental. I’ll teach you what you need to get started to launch into this rewarding occupation.

By listening to my clients’ needs and catering to them, our consultancy has remained strong throughout all economic cycles.

I’ve received numerous television and other awards and am invited regularly as a keynote speaker for the civic and academic community.