Neill Kramer

San Mateo, California, United States


I am a successful entrepreneur who helps young entrepreneurs shape and grow their businesses in ways that reflects who they are and what they want their businesses to become. I work with teams of one to five people and exclusively with startups. I provide guidance for everything from the idea stage, to getting funded, to helping with business models, business structures and equity allocations.

Here’s a bit of what we can cover in our PivotPlanet session(s):
• How to get started on a web site or app.
• How to refine the idea to a "minimum viable product" or MVP.
• How to get a co-founder if necessary.
• How to establish and track user feedback.
• How to create a roadmap for growth.

I've been in software development since 1993. Before that I was an adjunct professor and a museum employee in exhibit design.


I began my technology career by jumping into the edutainment software space. I founded CyberPuppy Software, a company targeting children aged 6-10. I designed the user interface, wrote the product spec, researched the competition, recruited programmers, obtained funding, and secured distribution for the product, Kid’s Studio. It won a 1994 Codie award from the Software Publisher’s Association (now called for Best School Productivity/Creativity Program. I later sold the company for 63 times my initial investment.

Since then I have been involved in numerous startup ventures as both a co-founder and an angel investor. Over the years, I have gained expertise in developing new user experiences in diverse areas such as children's software, web applications for stock market day traders and educational products. My specialties are outside-the-box thinking, entrepreneurial drive and the ability to create win-win situations.