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Bob Grundfest Warren, New Jersey, United States
Teacher, Professor
Madison Public Schools

Being a teacher, I think, is the most important paid job anyone can do. Although I have a curriculum I have to follow, I can be as creative as I want i (show more)

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Skills & Interests: professor, be a teacher, become a teacher, be a professor, become a professor, education, high school, New Jersey, New York, history teacher, social science teacher, be a history teacher, become a history teacher, be a social science teacher, resume for teaching, Princeton University, students, expert teacher, and teacher

Michael Canick New York City, New York, United States

I enjoy being a teacher because it provides a balance in my life between being creative and autonomous on the one hand, and the requirements of my prof (show more)

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Skills & Interests: be a teacher, become a teacher, education, teaching expert, teaching advisor, teaching mentor, expert teacher, New York, department of education, teacher, and teaching

Maria Piulestan Munich, Bayern, Germany
Online Language Teacher, Teacher

The global e-learning industry is growing geographically: 25% to 50% in most developed countries. It is also growing in economic terms: it reached $107 (show more)

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Skills & Interests: teaching, languages, online, e-teaching, English, Spanish, and German