Talent Manager

  • Robin Kay St Petersburg, Florida, United States


    Model, Talent Manager

    Tampa Models and Talent Consulting

    Nothing compares to helping people make their dreams come true! As a talent manager, I help aspiring actors and models break into the entertainment bus (show more)

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  • Wendi Niad Los Angeles, California, United States


    Talent Manager, Literary Manager

    To be a good talent and literary manager you need to be a great salesperson, know how to develop your talent and market your talent appropriately. I wi (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: talent manager, talent agent, literary manager, literary agent, be a talent manager, become a talent manager, be a talent agent, become a talent agent, be a literary manager, become a literary manager, be a literary agent, become a literary agent, talent expert, talent advisor, talent mentor, literary expert, literary advisor, literary mentor, expert talent manager, los angeles, california, International Creative Management, and ICM

  • Renee Stuible Nashville, Tennessee, United States


    Talent Agent, Talent Manager

    Topper Entertainment

    Managing a country music artist is more than just being a manager. You're a manager, a marketer, sometimes a booking agent, and more often than not a t (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: nashville, country music, talent agent, manager, and artist manager