• Mark Levine Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


    Publisher, Publishing Company Owner, Self-Publisher

    Hillcrest Media Group, Inc.

    My entire company grew from a book I wrote in 2004 on self-publishing, The Fine Print of Self-Publishing. Today, I walk into my office and see 30 emplo (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: publishing, epublisher, self publisher, publishing industry, changes in the publishing world, changes in the publishing industry, be a publisher, become a publisher, be an epublisher, become an epublisher, be a self publisher, become a self publisher, minneapolis, minnesota, st paul, start a publishing company, own a publishing company, expert publisher, publishing expert, publishing advisor, publishing mentor, book publishing, authors, editing, ebook, publisher, and writing

  • Gary Dunn Seattle, Washington, United States


    Publisher, Editor, Property Caretaker

    I have a passion for helping people. Running The Caretaker Gazette has given me the opportunity to do this every day. I look forward to arriving at my (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: editor, publisher, be an editor, become an editor, be a publisher, become a publisher, house swap, caretaker, housesitting, property caretaking, newsletter, writing, editing, print publishing, online publishing, online publisher, be an online publisher, become an online publisher, texas, expert publisher, expert editor, publisher mentor, publisher advisor, publisher expert, publishing expert, publishing advisor, and publishing mentor