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Cheryl Edmonds Portland, Oregon, United States
Nonprofit Management, Marketing, Business Development

Creativity and pursuing dreams is where I like to spend my precious life. If you’re looking at alternatives and want to discuss the pros and cons, I ca (show more)

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Interests: non profit, fundraising, grant writing, foundation, civic ventures, volunteer, become a non-profit director, be a non-profit director, non profit project management, become a non-profit project director, be a non profit project director, portland, seattle, children, well being, family services, small business, corporate, corporate marketing, purpose prize, encore careers, non-profit, development, and marketing

Jim Wofford Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Wine Importing, Sales & Marketing, Marketing

I have built a successful career marketing wine and spirits and am the owner of Eastern Beverage Marketing. My company is a one-person affair netting a (show more)

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Interests: wine, vineyard, grapes, wine grapes, wine marketing, wine marketing agency owner, wine broker, be a wine broker, become a wine broker, be a wine marketing agency owner, become a wine marketing agency owner, get into wine marketing, spirit marketing, beverage marketing, wine marketing plan, wine suppliers, wine distributors, wineries, boston, massachusetts, wine expert, wine advisor, wine mentor, wine marketing advisor, wine marketing mentor, wine marketing expert, beverage marketing advisor, beverage marketing expert, and beverage marketing mentor

Alessandro Zappoli Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Business Development, Marketing, Brand Marketing

I'm an account manager in the Italian advertising industry with ten years of experience solving marketing problems with creative ideas. (show more)

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Interests: advertising, marketing, communication specialist, account management, key client account, how to work in advertising, how to write ads, how to do new business, how to manage clients, accounting, and business development

Bahadir Bolukbasi Menlo Park, California, United States
Entrepreneurship, Online Retailing, Marketing, Business Strategy

I love helping people and companies find direction on marketing, business strategy, and innovation related challenges. I've also enjoyed mentoring peop (show more)

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Interests: Travel, Fitness, Science, and Tech