• Marty McCarty Kansas City, Missouri, United States


    Editor, Writer, Freelance Journalist

    Ah! Plause! Productions

    The writer’s life is as challenging, creative, glamorous, rewarding and meaningful as you make it. It is intense. It is fun. And it doesn’t come easily (show more)

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  • Susan Chaityn Lebovits Boston, Massachusetts, United States


    Writer, Editor, Communications Specialist, Freelance Journalist

    A few of the many things that I love about writing is learning something new with each story, meeting interesting people, and making my own schedule. G (show more)

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  • Shelley Seale Austin, Texas, United States


    Blogger, Publishing Company Owner, Journalist, Author, Freelance Writer, Editor

    Life as a freelance writer is never boring. I’m able to “try on” and live many different people’s lives as I investigate stories. I travel often and ca (show more)

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  • Michael Maupin St Paul, Minnesota, United States


    Writer, Editor, Blogger

    The most important thing about any type of writing is telling a great story—creating a hook at the beginning, pulling the reader through the story and (show more)

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  • Gary Dunn Seattle, Washington, United States


    Publisher, Editor, Property Caretaker

    I have a passion for helping people. Running The Caretaker Gazette has given me the opportunity to do this every day. I look forward to arriving at my (show more)

    Available for: Phone Webcam Inperson

    Skills & Interests: editor, publisher, be an editor, become an editor, be a publisher, become a publisher, house swap, caretaker, housesitting, property caretaking, newsletter, writing, editing, print publishing, online publishing, online publisher, be an online publisher, become an online publisher, texas, expert publisher, expert editor, publisher mentor, publisher advisor, publisher expert, publishing expert, publishing advisor, and publishing mentor