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Bereavement Counseling

Kayla Waldschmidt Slinger, Wisconsin, United States
Counseling, Bereavement Counseling
Horizon Grief Resource Center

I'm most proud of the lasting impact I have on people's lives. I get to see people heal and get better. It is rewarding to see someone grow within a su (show more)

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Interests: counselor, bereavement counselor, grief, psychology, social work, facilitating a group, therapy, group session, group therapy, public speaking, crisis, crisis counseling, death, loss, pain, heal, healing, health, mental health, become a counselor, be a counselor, become a bereavement counselor, be a bereavement counselor, counseling jobs, counseling careers, career in counseling, job in counseling, milwaukee, wisconsin, social service, social services, grieve center, suicide, grief resource center, sympathy, and empathy