• Michael Eade New York, New York, United States


    Artist, Painter

    Michael Eade

    Painting is an emotional experience for me. I am constantly challenged and excited to create something that is my own and uniquely different. My landsc (show more)

    Available for: Phone Webcam Inperson

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  • Brian Petro Washington, District of Columbia, United States


    Artist, Painter

    Brian Petro Art

    After graduating from college, I worked for several years in corporate office jobs in sports medicine and health education. The work was was (show more)

    Available for: Phone Webcam Inperson

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  • Alex "ManOne" Poli Los Angeles, California, United States


    Artist, Art Gallery Owner

    Crewest Gallery

    I am an artist, curator and entrepreneur. I believe in the transformational power of art and its ability to save lives and make the world a better plac (show more)

    Available for: Phone Webcam Inperson

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