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Animation Executive Producer

Kate Ertmann Portland, Oregon, United States
Animation Executive Producer
Animation Dynamics, Inc.

Every day I get to dance back and forth between my nerdy side and my creative side. I've been able to create a position where I very rarely do things I (show more)

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Skills & Interests: animation, animator, be an animator, become an animator, animation studio, animation design, animated commercials, animated TV, TV animation, corporate training animation, Emmy, creative design, illustration, be an illustrator, become an illustrator, art, drawing, video games, video design, portland, oregon, seattle, washington, animation production, become an animation producer, and be an animation producer

Kristofer Updike New York City, New York, United States
Entertainment Executive, Television Producer, Animation Executive Producer, Actor
Hickory House Films

Experienced Development Executive with a broad career in Animation, Television, Theatre, Film, Acting and Textile Design. (show more)

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Skills & Interests: Development Exec., Design, Directing, Theatre, Film, TV Development, Producing, and Art