Pivot Enterprise

Pivot Enterprise makes it easy for colleagues down the hall or across the globe to share expertise and gain knowledge. Real-world know-how. Anytime. Anywhere.

We help organizations achieve their talent-development objectives through our easy-to-use, customized, online mentoring platform. With two service lines—Pivot Mentoring and Pivot Outplacement—we can help your employees, alumni or members, build their skills and assist displaced workers with their transition to something new. One or both programs may be right for your organization.

Pivot Mentoring

Pivot Mentoring is a cloud-based career mentorship platform for corporations, universities, trade associations and entrepreneurs. The global platform is the online host for mentoring programs for employees, alumni, students and association members.

Pivot Mentoring:

  • Enhances mentee job satisfaction and retention
  • Develops growth opportunities for high performers
  • Prepares mentees for career advancement by connecting them to mentors who are subject-matter experts
  • Shortens the learning curve for new employees in a corporate setting
  • Reduces onboarding costs
  • Provides accountability through tracking and measuring the mentees' and mentors' activity
  • Enables mentees to select (or be assigned) mentors from anywhere within the organization, regardless of location
  • Helps mentors fit mentoring into their already busy schedules

For a one-time set-up fee and an annualized recurring fee to host, monitor and manage the online aspects of your program, you will enjoy all the benefits of a fully administered, customized mentoring program, without the headaches of traditional mentoring programs.

In addition, the Pivot Mentoring team can assist, on an à la carte basis, with the following services:

  • Establishing criteria for mentors and mentees
  • Researching and recruiting internal and external mentors
  • Managing the onboarding process for new mentors
  • Writing mentor biographies
  • Supervising quality assurance and feedback loops
  • Tracking progress among mentees
  • Incorporating mentorship into performance reviews

Pivot Outplacement

Workforce reduction is painful for everybody. Period. And to make matters worse, traditional outplacement services alone are not meeting the needs of today's workers. Too often they don't provide the right kinds of support to displaced workers or inspire confidence or loyalty among employees who remain after a reduction. Displaced workers need options beyond career coaching, resume writing and interview role-playing.

Consider this: According to The Wall Street Journal, business executives estimate that 40% of workers offered outplacement don't use it.

Why? For starters, aspiring entrepreneurs rarely receive business-planning advice from successful entrepreneurs who have “been there and done that.” Additionally, some people don't want to return to a large, corporate environment and are instead hoping to land in a smaller company or nonprofit organization. Others are looking for part-time careers, for which traditional outplacement services offer little help.

Again, mentorship is the answer, and Pivot Outplacement makes the process easy to use and easy to administer. We know that's important.

Here's how it works: Your organization provides displaced workers with mentorship credits. We call them Pivot Dollars. Displaced workers redeem their Pivot Dollars on PivotPlanet for live video or phone sessions with expert advisors working in hundreds of professions, or in some cases, in-person mentorship with an expert advisor. Cost varies by mentorship experience; however, when compared to the average outplacement expense of $4,000 per mid-level employee, Pivot Outplacement offers an excellent return on investment for organizations and workers alike.

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PivotPlanet offers career mentors in more than 200 jobs, including:

  • Advertising Agency Owner
  • CIO
  • Digital Product Strategist
  • Healthcare Administrative Director
  • Human Resources Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Nonprofit Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Software Engineer

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