You Have the People. We Have the Platform.®

Do you need to cost-effectively foster employee, member, student or alumni engagement? PivotPlanet’s parent company, Revere Software® can help you unlock and engage the valuable brain trust within your organization.

Revere connects your subject-matter Advisors with knowledge-seekers via your own branded, easy-to-use platform. It’s matchmaking with a positive impact.

Harness the Power of Your People

Skills-based Volunteering
Boost the impact and visibility of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) program or corporate foundation, while engaging and inspiring your employees.

Knowledge Sharing
Partner advice seekers with your knowledge holders to share best practices and further the mission of your organization or institution.

Channel Partner Lead Generation
Connect prospective customers with your company’s pros and partners to forge new relationships.

As problems go, you have a good one. You have a wealth of knowledge and expertise right under your nose. Your organization has hundreds, if not thousands, of subject-matter Advisors. The problem is that you can’t easily engage and connect your Advisors with those who need and want to share in that expertise. Revere is the solution.

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it.

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