Revere Software®

Do you need to cost-effectively foster employee, member, student or alumni engagement? PivotPlanet’s parent company, Revere Software®, can help you unlock and engage the valuable brain trust within your organization.

Revere is like a private-labeled, intra-organization LinkedIn. The Revere platform easily and efficiently connects internal knowledge seekers with subject-matter experts for organizations struggling to share knowledge and foster engagement among their students, alumni, members or employees while enabling them to schedule videoconference, phone or in-person sessions.

You have the people. We have the platform.®

Revere Software is a SaaS (software as a service) platform for engagement and knowledge sharing within corporations, nonprofit organizations, universities, and alumni and trade associations. We create the backbone for private-labeled programs and promote engagement across organizations by:

  • enabling subject matter experts to share their knowledge, breaking down organizational silos and strengthening your competitive advantage;
  • enhancing retention, development and leadership initiatives;
  • onboarding and assimilating new employees or members faster, easier and more affordably;
  • creating opportunities and mechanisms for individual or group recognition; and
  • supporting succession-planning initiatives to ensure talent is not lost with attrition.

Ongoing and integrated career development is the surest path to employee/member retention, and internal knowledge sharing is the lynchpin of a successful program. With Revere Software, you will realize the far-reaching benefits of an informed, enthused and engaged workforce or membership:

  • Return on investment-forego the expense of replacing employees and recruiting new members.
  • Cost savings-avoid the high cost of bringing back former employees as consultants to train their successors.
  • Productivity-watch productivity increase as new hires come up to speed faster and easier.

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it.

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