Andrea Geller

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Real Estate Broker

Coldwell Residential Brokerage

Being a real estate agent is almost like being a counselor. Unlike other business transactions, people bring their emotions into play because you’re dealing with their home…and their lives. I love helping people maneuver through the obstacles and into the home of their dreams.

After years in sales of various kinds, I got my real estate license in 1999. I’m an independent agent, so I operate my business as if I am self-employed.

In addition to being a top seller, I was also a sales trainer from 2006-2010. I enjoy teaching this business to both new and seasoned real estate agents.


I work in a real estate brokerage firm with tens of thousands of agents worldwide, but I am also an independent agent. It’s like the best of both worlds—business owner with big corporate backing.

I started out in new construction and development sales, but now I specialize in residential homes and investment properties. I like the smaller scope of it and dealing one-on-one with people.

Seventy-five percent of this business is working through objections and obstacles. Because of the way the housing market is, things can pivot at any point in the deal. Getting everyone to the closing table is our objective. I enjoy solving all the little problems that bring us to that place and seeing the satisfaction on my clients’ faces when they get the keys to their new home. I can teach you how to overcome obstacles and not create them.

As a self-employed person, if you’re not working that day, you’re unemployed. Each day you need work towards generating that next sale, even if you don’t have a client or open house scheduled, that should be a day spent working on a marketing plan or getting your books in order. Your schedule is often determined by buyers and sellers. It is an ebb and flow of busy.

Early on, I got involved in social media and marketing. It’s now one of my areas of expertise and I can teach you what I know.

I have been acknowledged by the industry for my sales accomplishments as well as giving back to the community. I was honored to receive the Chicago Association of Realtors highest honor. I was the number 10 sales person for our market in 2004. In 2006, I got out of direct sales and went into training. I returned to sales in 2010 and I am proud to say that I have climbed back up and am one of the top tier agents for my company.

This is a career where you need to be a self-starter. If you don’t have ambition to work 24 hours a day, this job is not for you. You need to have the type of personality that goes with the flow, because you never know what each day will bring. Yet, if you like working with people, are a good communicator and have motivation, real estate sales is a very rewarding and lucrative business.