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Become a Great Speaker or Online Course Creator

Want to share your knowledge confidently (and profitably) on stage or on camera? Learn my secrets to great public speaking or online course creation!

Want to be a great speaker? Travel all over the world, see amazing things, and help people improve their lives and make the world a better place?

I have a little secret for you. I am living proof that great speakers are NOT born! They are MADE!

If that were not true, how could a nerd like me who has a degree in chemical engineering create a lucrative career as a speaker?

I have spoken live to audiences as large as 3,000 people and have been broadcast live to audiences over 30,000 people globally.

My clients include the Miami Heat, ESPN, Universal Studios, the U.S. Navy, the CIA, Travelers Insurance, American School Counselor Association, and many more.

Or perhaps you would rather work from home, share your knowledge, and generate multiple streams of income by creating and selling amazing online courses?

My courses are in the top 10% of all business courses on Udemy…and Udemy even paid thousands of dollars to have them translated into multiple languages.


Things I can help you with:

• The pros and cons of public speaking
• 12 essential skills you must know to be a great speaker
• What a pattern interrupter is and why you need one in every speech
• Speaking contracts and negotiations
• How much speaking pays and how to get jobs
• What a book can do for you (I’m the award-winning co-author of The Consistent Consumer and Great Peacemakers)
• How to leverage yourself and your knowledge for maximum profit
• And much more…

Online Course / Presentation Development
• How to create an amazing presentation or online course
• What a story line is and how you create one by backing into a clearing
• How to use slides and other media to take your presentation to a higher level
• What NOT to do with your slides…if you even use them at all
• Which software you need to create amazing presentations
• Technical details and equipment needed for professional video and audio
• What platforms to host your courses on and why to choose them
• How to promote your online course
• And much more

In just an hour, I can save you months learning how to do either or both.

Let’s get your speaking career and online course creation on track…and jump start the life you want…and deserve!

Don’t wait for your future to find you. Let me help you create it by setting up an appointment NOW!

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Available for:


elearning, professional speaking, public speaking, keynote speaking, online course creation, ecourses, workshop facilitation, teaching online course sales, online course production