Vijay Jeste

Redondo Beach, California, United States

Lean/Six Sigma Process Advisor, Customer Service Training Manager

For over 40 years, I have worked in a very wide range of industries, traveled extensively throughout the world and have held management positions in Engineering, Research & Development, Marketing, International Business Management, Management of Customer Service Center, Aftermarket Sales, Software Development, Sales Promotion, Online Training and Implementation of Lean/Six Sigma Methodology. I have had phenomenal success in increasing sales, profit margins, market share, customer satisfaction & loyalty, introducing new technology and reducing costs.

I have now comfortably retired from full-time positions and am involved in mentoring, assisting a local nonprofit organization in strategic planning and advising small businesses on new ventures. One area I feel passionate about and where I have had the most notable success in is the application of Lean/Six Sigma methodology, Dr. Deming’s philosophy, Process of continuous improvement and fine-tuning of business processes to eliminate waste and improve overall efficiency & productivity. These techniques apply to any business regardless of whether it is a manufacturing process, retail establishment, government office or a nonprofit organization.


It surprises many people to learn that of the tremendous amount of resources and time any business spends in day-to-day activities, only about 4-5% of it is considered important by the customer. In other words, almost 95% of what you do does not add any value from the customer’s viewpoint. Most people become creatures of habit and they get comfortable in what they do and how they do it. They do not see any need to change nor do they welcome it. This is where you really need to concentrate on if you want to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, improve process flow, reduce time and money spent on it and improve efficiency which invariably leads to cost reduction and customer satisfaction. Managing and pushing through a change is very hard, as I have experienced time and again. However, if and when implemented correctly, the rewards can be phenomenal. I have real-life examples of how I applied some of the techniques I learned over the years and we can discuss them in conjunction with what you are trying to accomplish.

I can be an asset to you if you are looking for help in any of the following areas:

• Improving efficiency of your operation and productivity of your employees: Applying the “5S” methodology to your business processes will lead to finding and eliminating several steps in every process that are unnecessary and wasteful. They do not add any value and they generally exist because of that is how it has been done in the past. This is a proven “Toyota” way that has been practiced in every major business including some of the government offices to streamline their businesses. It is a deceptively simple, common-sense approach to problem-solving.
• Using the Six Sigma/Lean methodology to analyze data to identify root cause of the problem and develop a logical, practical solution to eliminate a defect/inefficiency and improve overall customer satisfaction while reducing costs and enhancing productivity.
• Developing or fine-tuning your marketing strategy to improve chances of success and exploring various alternatives to determine what will work best for you through the use of SWOT analysis and creation of “what if” scenarios.
• Motivating your staff to get the best out of them, treating them as a valuable member of the team, rewarding them for achieving team results and helping them to serve their customers better than they have ever been served.
• Training your staff as well as your customers by using the latest technology to optimize training resources and budget; collecting and analyzing data on customers to maximize efforts to improve their satisfaction and minimize product/service failures.