Dennis Wolbach

Groveland, Massachusetts, United States

Antique Dealer

D. Anthony & Associates Antiques

I’ve been in antiques for 25 years and started as a hobby that has blossomed into a lucrative career. I mentor other antique collectors and dealers.

I run my antique dealer business out of my house with just a digital camera and a laptop computer.

The learning curve in this business is steep and it will take some time to gain the knowledge needed to be successful, but because the start-up costs are low, you can make a decent amount of money in a short amount of time.


My work is my passion and I can't wait to start work each day. How many folks can say that about their job? My hobby blossomed into a career in antiques. I’ve found a few lucrative niches that have sustained me even in the worst of markets. My area of expertise is American Art Pottery from 1890 through 1915, but I have a broad of knowledge that includes other antique niche areas.

One of the benefits of being an antique dealer is you can work as much or as little as you like. And thanks to the web, you can meet collectors and dealers from all over the country and world. Every day is a new discovery just waiting to happen, and you are the architect of your own success.

It’s important to educate yourself because knowledge is king in this business. The basic tenets that have sustained my business are staying educated and remaining committed to keeping my customers happy. Customer service is paramount to success.

Before becoming an antique dealer, I earned my Master’s in Education and worked in Student Personnel Administration for 12 years. Then I was bitten by the antique bug. I wanted to pursue a career that I was truly passionate about, and where I could control the day-to-day aspects of my own destiny. Ultimately, I wanted to make the decisions regarding the direction of my life and buying and selling antiques has happily provided me with that opportunity.

Good karma is a real thing, spread it around. Never take yourself too seriously and laugh...often!