• Tricia Striano New York, New York, United States


    Professor, Child Development Researcher, Educator

    I love my job as a college professor and researcher of infant and child development. It’s so much fun researching cognitive development in babies and (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: child, children, child research, research on children, child pyschologist, child psychiatrist, research, babies, baby, infant, child development, education, childhood, infancy, einstein foundation, new york, connecticut, and new jersey

  • Dr. Jennifer Bird Greensboro, North Carolina, United States


    Professor, Educator

    Greensboro College

    Beyond the subject matter, what I enjoy most is teaching critical thinking. I truly believe what I do matters and makes a difference in the lives of my (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: professor, be a professor, become a professor, religion, religious studies, careers in religion, jobs in religion, teaching religion, Greensboro College, biblical, Princeton University, politics in academia, academic politics, PhD, teaching, lecturing, feminist, gender studies, and feminism in religion

  • Bob Grundfest Warren, New Jersey, United States


    Teacher, Professor

    Madison Public Schools

    Being a teacher, I think, is the most important paid job anyone can do. Although I have a curriculum I have to follow, I can be as creative as I want i (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: professor, be a teacher, become a teacher, be a professor, become a professor, education, high school, New Jersey, New York, history teacher, social science teacher, be a history teacher, become a history teacher, be a social science teacher, resume for teaching, Princeton University, students, expert teacher, and teacher

  • Elisa Robyn Denver, Colorado, United States


    Dean, Professor

    Regis University

    Life as an academic Dean is challenging and simultaneously profoundly rewarding. Life as a professor at a university is one of the best jobs in the wor (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: Curriculum design, academic budgets, faculty development, organizational psychology, academic communication and politics, and leadership