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Nonprofit Communications Strategist

Cheryl Edmonds Portland, Oregon, United States
Nonprofit Executive Director, Nonprofit Director, Nonprofit Communications Strategist

Creativity and pursuing dreams is where I like to spend my precious life. If you’re looking at alternatives and want to discuss the pros and cons, I ca (show more)

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Skills & Interests: non profit, fundraising, grant writing, foundation, civic ventures, volunteer, become a non-profit director, be a non-profit director, non profit project management, become a non-profit project director, be a non profit project director, portland, seattle, children, well being, family services, small business, corporate, corporate marketing, purpose prize, encore careers, non-profit, development, and marketing

Louie Herr Portland, Oregon, United States
Nonprofit Communications Strategist

I have a passion for how we interact and communicate, especially online and with new technologies. I especially love using my skills to improve communi (show more)

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Skills & Interests: nonprofit, nonprofit communications, nonprofit communications strategy, writing, editing, nonprofit writing, nonprofit editing, web design, usability, social media strategy, social media, nonprofit writing job, nonprofit writing career, job in nonprofit, career in nonprofit, grant writing, foundation, funding, portland, and oregon