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NGO President

Douglas Johnston Washington, District of Columbia, United States
NGO President
International Center for Religion & Diplomacy

I like meaningful change. Change that truly makes a difference. In my work, our efforts are changing lives for the countless number of people who benef (show more)

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Skills & Interests: ngo, non governmental organization, local, state, federal, international, religion, religious, religious studies, diplomacy, navy, us navy, secretary of the navy, pakistan, afghanistan, strategy, strategic, international relations, international studies, The International Center for Religion & Diplomacy, washington dc, dc, virginia, maryland, new york, united nations, UN, executive branch, legislative branch, Civic Ventures, Purpose Prize, Encore Careers, become a religious studies, be a religious studies, be an international, become an international, diplomat, become a diplomat, be a diplomat, operations, management consuting, get into the diplomatic field, and start an NGO

Sera Bonds Austin, Texas, United States
NGO President, Nonprofit Director
Circle of Health International

I've always worked in the field of women's health and feel very lucky to have done so. Women matter greatly as we attempt to empower communities to hea (show more)

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Skills & Interests: nonprofit director, be a nonprofit director, become a nonprofit director, fundraising, board, women's health, Circle of Health International, middle east, palestine, israel, tanzania, austin, texas, sudan, sri lanka, haiti, and afghanistan