Creative Director

  • Michael Cawood Los Angeles, California, United States


    Animator, Creative Director

    I’m an animated filmmaker and director. My work includes 'Devils, Angels & Dating' an award-winning short film. I’ve worked in animation since 1998, wo (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: animation, animated film, animation director, animation producer, animation filmmaker, gaming, video, videos, disney, warner, nintendo, starfox adventures, Devils, Happy Feet, Best Animated Short Film, Burbank Film Festival, Best Animation, Indiefest, new york, brooklyn, los angeles, london, sydney, vancouver, austin, be a animator, become an animator, be a animation filmmaker, become an animation filmmaker, be a animation producer, become an animation producer, be an animation director, become an animation director, animation mentor, animation expert, animation advisor, expert animator, and Angels & Dating

  • Shira Entis Brooklyn, New York, United States


    Handbag Designer, Creative Director


    I am the creative director and partner of Fleabags LLC, a small handbag company located in Brooklyn, New York. I am one of two co-owners, and we curren (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: handbag designer, creative designer, be a handbag designer, become a handbag designer, be a designer, become a designer, be a creative director, become a creative director, start a fashion design business, open a fashion design business, fashion design, be a fashion designer, become a fashion designer, brooklyn, manhattan, new york, design expert, expert designer, design advisor, design mentor, handbag design mentor, handbag design advisor, and handbag design expert

  • Alina Preciado Brooklyn, New York, United States


    Events / Experience Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, Interior Designer

    Dar Gitane, Alina Preciado, Reddish Works

    Alina Preciado, is a New York-based creative director and designer who has been working in the exhibit, furniture, interiors and experiential industry (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: cconsulting, installation art, set design, interior & furniture design, craft design, events, and experiential design

  • Jessica Northey Jacksonville, Florida, United States


    Photographer, Creative Director, Graphic Designer

    Content Culture Agency

    I’m an independent multimedia designer that’s eager to integrate creative and innovative designs and concepts into your digital marketing projects. I h (show more)

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    Skills & Interests: art, graphic design, photography, photoshop, and Layout