Ron Stern

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

Travel Writer, Writer, Photo Journalist

Global Gumshoe

I’m paid to visit beautiful and exciting places all over the world. Who wouldn’t want my job?! I’ve been a travel writer and photographer since 2001 and one of the things I enjoy the most is teaching others my craft.

I have authored and/or published 11 books and my photos can be seen many places including book covers and with magazine articles.

I began travel writing after retiring as a police officer because I wanted to find a way to make an income and to travel more with my wife. We both love my career.

I have helped hundreds of people learn how to get started in this profession easily and quickly and would love to answer any questions you have about travel writing.


Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need a degree in journalism or even be a top-notch writer to have a career as a travel writer. This a great career and one that isn't limited to a privileged few.

I love the freedom to be able to pick and choose when and where I would like to travel. I’ve traveled all over the world from luxury barges in the south of France to small foodie towns on the East Coast. I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends along the way.

I teach travel photography and it is gratifying to see how quickly people can learn how to take their own great pictures.

I have written hundreds of articles over the years and will show you how to get started with minimal investment. There is the traditional way to do this profession and the easier way, and I will give you instruction on both.

Not too many years ago you needed a major magazine or newspaper as an outlet in order to be able to facilitate free travel. Today, however, the marketplace is changing in favor of electronic and digital content. Using methods that have worked for me, I will show you how to use the Internet, websites, blogs and books to access this market and establish your credibility. Finding the "right local person" is critical to success and I show you how to locate them wherever you travel.

There are pitfalls of, course, and I can show you how to avoid them.

The students I have had over the years have gone on to make their travel dreams come true. Depending upon a person's time and motivation, they could be up and running with a hobby or part-time business in about 30 days…which can turn into a full-time profession over the months and years ahead.

Here is what a few folks have said about my work:

"Your presentation had everyone scrambling for pen and paper to take notes on all the information you were dispensing of practical value." REI Denver Flagship

"When Ron did his first presentation here a few years ago, we had to turn people away. This year we were prepared for a large turnout. To no one's surprise, the room was filled to capacity...over 60 people were turned away. This is truly an amazing program." Fort Collins Public Library

"Mr. Ron Stern's photographic and journalistic talents played a significant role in both television and visual opportunities. He served as a visual consultant during the trip (Jordan), with several conversations regarding production direction discussed for the PBS documentary. S. Irwin, WGVU NPR/PBS