Marcia Levine

New York City, New York, United States

Television Sales Account Executive, Sales Account Executive, Sales Manager, Salesperson

Major Cable Network

If you are interested in becoming a cable television account executive, there is nothing I would love more than sharing with you the rich experiences I have gained in the areas of sales, integrated marketing, television product placement, media negotiating, customer service (internal and external!) and the art of making and closing the deal.

I currently work for a “ Top Ten Nielsen Rated” Cable Television Company and I am a senior account executive with them. The company has approximately 650 employees and four major divisions: Domestic Television and Digital /Social Media Content Publishing & Production, International Sales, Consumer Products and Home Entertainment.

Here’s just a bit of what we can cover in our PivotPlanet sessions:
• How to treat and keep your external customers.
• How to be both a team player and an entrepreneur.
• How to face the reality that you can't please everyone and not everyone is going to like you.
• Understand the importance of “word of mouth” and avoiding burning bridges.
• How to treat internal customers.

One day I realized I was born to be in sales, I was born to sell a product I love and to bring it to customers who have a need for it. Selling advertising for my company of TV and digital and social media brands has afforded me a great living, but more importantly, I am doing something I love and am good at, while having the opportunity to be creative, learn and grow with the company and meet fabulous people.


I have always been in sales in some capacity. Prior to this company, I was in the retail area working for the Cosmair organization.

After many years in retail management, I changed careers because I longed for a more traditional Monday-Friday life existence. I also wanted to earn more money while continuing to work in sales. I knew if I paid my dues and put in the training time media sales required, I could dramatically increase my income. What is even more fantastic, I made this change in my career at an age when most people say, "I'm too old, I can't change now." At almost 40, I vowed it was NOT too late. I forged ahead and the they history.