Liezl Schoeman

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Recruitment Trainer, Human Resources Trainer

Training Specialist & Mangement Consulting Services to HR Managers, Executives, Small Business Owners, Recruitment Managers, Company Recruiters, Agency Recruiters, Sales Managers, Talent Managers


A pro-active and innovative Senior Training Management Professional offering across-the-board proficiency in training and consulting.

Training Services Offered:
Resource and Talent Management Strategies
Staff Management
Guidance and Mentoring
Skills Development & Training
Design, Execution and Control of Strategies
Systems simplification
Policy formulation

Extensive interpersonal and communication skills with developed ability to analyse problems, find tangible solutions and implement new systems and procedures in a fast-paced business environment.

Possess a strong drive to achieve set goals and objectives by always delivering high standards of service excellence in line with the company’s vision.


Masters’ Degree in International Business; University of Pretoria, 2006
BCom Hons in International Business; University of Pretoria, 2002
BCom Risk Management Curriculum [Non Degree purposes]; University of South Africa, 2004
BCom Business Management; University of Pretoria, 2001