Fred Glick

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Broker

Fred Glick Real Estate

Each buyer, each seller and each property is unique. That is what makes my work interesting. Real estate agents have the opportunity to make the buying, renting and selling of property a positive and even fun experience. I am committed to helping consumers understand how to choose an agent, how to work with an agent and what to expect from their agent.

I have been in the real estate and mortgage brokerage business since the mid 1980s.

I am the owner of U S Spaces, Inc., a boutique real estate brokerage serving the Philadelphia, Pennsylania area, southern New Jersey,, Los Angeles and the Bay Area, with future expansion planned for Delaware. We currently have 20 active full time agents with plans to grow.

I always put the absolute best interests of my clients first. Knowing I have done my very best lets me sleep well at night.

Here’s a bit of what we can cover in our PivotPlanet session(s):
• How to create client loyalty.
• How to realistically price a property to make it saleable.
• How to effectively negotiate a deal.
• How to help the client have a “fun” experience when buying or selling.
• How to provide expertise relative to financing.


Working in the mortgage side of real estate made me realize there needs to be some changes in how agents work with clients.

I am an outspoken realist for the mortgage and real estate world and have been featured on CNBC, NPR’s Marketplace, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

I also co-host and offer expert advice on Blog Talk Radio on The Hip Roof channel. The Hip Roof is an outlet for real estate agents by real estate agents to provide social media, education, community interaction, brainstorming, coaching, eCourses, webinars and a lot more.

I have owned and operated both real estate and mortgage brokerages. This combined experience and knowledge provides me the comprehensive skill set to address all the issues involved in bringing a deal to a successful conclusion.

I am an advocate and negotiator for my clients representing their side of the deal. We never practice what is called “dual agency” where one broker represents both sides in a transaction. I have a strong interest in working with people who expect results that will help them reach their goals.

I am also a co-founder of Rentscoper, a mathematically formalized online apartment finder.