David Yakobovitch

New York City, New York, United States

Educator, Data Scientist, Professor, Technology Entrepreneur

DY & Associates

David serves as an advocate, council member, and influencer in the data science, advanced analytics, and financial technology domains with expertise for high-growth prospects, product acquisitions and brand development.

David's client scope expands with leading financial institutions and high net-worth individuals, among collaboration with start-ups in the financial technology, educational technology, and artificial intelligence domains. David actively advises companies and he builds value through strategic insights for technology and people initiatives.


David Yakobovitch is a Deep Learning Data Software Engineer who has experience with CFO and COO level activities for organizations.

His Undergraduate degree was in Business Administration at University of Florida, specializing in Finance, Statistics, and Information Systems. David worked at Aflac as a Loss Experience Monitoring Analyst in the Actuarial Department where he helped build predictive models for insurance pricing for at-risk customers with IBM Mainframes, COBOL, Visual Basic, and Excel.

David also worked in two co-ops at Citigroup, one in Financial Control and one in Business Intelligence. For Financial control, he worked with Essbase and Oracle systems to manage accounting and financial data transactions migrations, headcount data, and financial data for the LATAM organization. In the Business Intelligence unit, David built dashboards using Crystal Reports on financial transaction data with the Treasury and Econometrics teams to leading indicators and KPIs to be available for senior leadership team members.

At Deutsche Bank David worked on the Chief of Staff team for the COO global organization, assisting to manage the footprint evolution for technology and resources through managing projects, resource allocation, and developing more effective dashboarding tools for the COO team.

At ADP, David worked on a team tasked to redirect the company’s initiatives to be more forward-looking with self-serviced dashboards for Senior Leadership Team members, including Directors on the Sales team and Territories. David facilitated daily scrum calls with Tableau Developers, Business Intelligence Developers, QA Engineers, and Data Scientists as well as coordinated project hand-off for the finished product to the self-serviced teams.

In 2015, David became an independent consultant when he moved to New York City, where he continued to support start-ups and Fortune 500s with their Business Analytics, Intelligence, and Data Science needs. David serves as a NYC Ambassador for Angelhack, is a Computer Science Instructor with Software Carpentry, and mentors/advises start-ups seeking CFO/COO/Data science support.

David has consulted leading start-ups in NYC to expand their data analytics and data science shop capabilities, including scaling algorithms, and deep learning capabilities with Theano, Tensorflow, and python packages. David works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools including DynamoDB, Lambda, EC2, and Redshift with python as part of his tech stack.

David has pursued Post-Graduate coursework at Stanford University in Algorithms, The Johns Hopkins in Data Science, and MIT in Supply Chain Management.

David has been an instructor in finance and data science for over 10 years, including teaching roles at NASA Goddard Space Flight Facility, CUNY, NY Academy of Sciences, and other scientific institutions. David regularly attends industry conferences on python, open AI, open software development and cryptocurrencies.
David’s background also includes extensive knowledge in the Sports and Entertainment Industry, as a founding member of the BIG3 Sports League, a contributing member of Vaunt, an influencer-based original series start-up, and Curveline Films, a multi-media organization that has worked with MTV, MixMag, and leading film companies in Miami and Los Angeles.