Stephen Hsu

San Francisco, California, United States

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As a Senior Product Manager for, one of the most successful software companies in the world, I had the opportunity to help companies like Burberry, Home Depot, Virgin and GE innovate in the quickly changing landscape of software and social media.

As a Product Manager, I collaborate with stakeholders across an entire organization to design, develop, launch and support world-class products. I'm able to exercise creativity in product design, satisfy my technical curiosity working with engineers, and help people by interfacing with customers, all the while enjoying life in the fast-paced city of San Francisco.

Here’s just a bit of what we can cover in our PivotPlanet session(s):
• How to gather requirements, design, develop, launch and sustain a product.
• Learn the tips, tricks, anecdotes and discipline of product management, aided by recommendations on what books, blogs and programs to follow.
• How to prepare for and interview for product management jobs.
• How to create a marketable LinkedIn profile and resume catering toward product management recruiters.
• How to work with engineers in an agile product development process (the most popular development methodology in software).

Product management, while one of the most rewarding career experiences I could ever dream of, is also one of the most challenging. Everyone, from a junior engineer to the top level executives, will look to you for leadership and guidance as that's your job.


Prior to my career in product management, I worked as a management consultant serving the healthcare sector, including hospitals and insurance companies. By data mining, analyzing contracts and auditing claims, I gleaned insights into operational deficiencies and transformed them into change management initiatives that saved my clients hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Sometimes I would work with back office staff to streamline workflow, while at other times I would oversee patient registrars at the front desk to ensure efficient processing of insurance verification and eligibility.

Through that experience, I realized that I had a talent for quickly understanding people's pain points and creating solutions that made their lives easier, both of which are essential in my current career in product management. I also realized the limitations of implementing change in the healthcare industry, especially as a consultant working with clients one at a time. If I were ever going to build creative and technologically advanced solutions that had an impact on customers on a massive scale, I would be better served changing sectors and careers.

By strategizing and carefully planting seeds, I pivoted multiple times toward a career in product management in the social enterprise market. Now, my work impacts millions of end users, helps big brands create innovative customer programs, and provides a high level of personal satisfaction. Product management is an amazing profession.

Reviews (1)

    Stephen provided great information on his own pivot into product management. He made it so it was easy to relate to my own desire to make a change. He also shared the things he loves about his work as well as challenges. I would definitely recommend Stephen to anyone who would like to learn more about product management.

    Olivia Sainz