Andrea Higginbotham

Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Nurse Practitioner, Nurse

St. Vincent's

Nursing can be a challenging profession, most people go into nursing because they like helping people and serving others. It can be a very rewarding career considering there are so many possible career opportunities for someone with a nursing degree. I have been a nurse since 2005 and a nurse practitioner since 2008. I believe nursing is my calling and I am so excited to share my passion with you.

Here is a bit of what we can cover in our PivotPlanet session(s):
- How to prepare for a career in nursing or advanced practice nursing;
- How to make the best career decision based on your personal needs;
- How to complete a physical assessment;
- How to review for board certification exams; and
- How to find the time for personal passions and seek out opportunities to help in your community.


What I love about being a nurse and a nurse practitioner is the time I get to spend with patients one on one for education. I love that "aha" moment when patients finally get why their head hurts when they don't take their blood pressure medications or when I get to celebrate little victories with patients such as a 5 pound weight loss. The other side of the card would be when I get to comfort a widow who just lost her husband and get to refer her to grief counseling if she would like to go.

I have a varied amount of experience including work in internal medicine, cardiology, critical care and primary care. I look forward to helping you get what you need from our session.