Hank Harris

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Educator, Human Resources Consultant, Nonprofit Executive Director

Human Capital Enterprises

I’ve been in education for a little over 20 years and currently work as consultant supporting the human capital needs of school districts. Prior to that I oversaw the human resources department of a large urban district, and before that I oversaw the human resources department of a small district. As a K-12 HR Consultant, I coach and support Superintendents Assistant Superintendents, and Human Resources Directors on human capital matters; I also deliver human capital services for lean school districts that lack the internal capacity to do strategic planning.

In addition to that, I serve as a keynote speaker and/or presenter on a variety of K-12 HR topics, Finally I serve as Executive Director of the Virginia Association of School Personnel Administrators. As a non-profit Executive Director, I manage the operation of a small professional association serving members' development needs and engaging business sponsors to support our important work.

As your PivotPlanet advisor, I will share with you some of what it takes to be a human resources consultant, or human resources director with a special focus on the education sector, including:

• How to start your own consulting firm.
• How to successfully enter the field of human resources.
• How to successfully enter the field of teaching.
• How to successfully enter the field of school or district administration.
• How to successfully run a small non-profit.
.• How to navigate the waters when labor-management relationships are problematic.
• How to not shy away from addressing poor teaching.
• How to build systems that create efficiency in the work.
• How to successfully enter the field of teaching and/or school leadership.


I’ve worked in K-12 education my entire career. I started as a teacher and have taught adult education in Lisbon, Portugal and at-risk youth in Vancouver, Washington. As a school administrator I served all over the West Coast: from Los Angeles to Portland to Seattle to the Canadian border.

The work that we do in school district Human Resources matters to every child who comes to school in our district. Whether the child has a great teacher, a mediocre teacher or a lousy teacher is ultimately a reflection on the quality of the Human Resources office. And so this makes my work intensely rewarding, because it is a heavy and almost-sacred responsibility.

For those considering the fields of teaching, school leadership, human resources leadership, human resources consulting, and non profit executive leadership, I am happy to visit with you and engage with you along your journey.