Cheryl Edmonds

Portland, Oregon, United States

Nonprofit Executive Director, Nonprofit Director, Nonprofit Communications Strategist


Creativity and pursuing dreams is where I like to spend my precious life. If you’re looking at alternatives and want to discuss the pros and cons, I can help you look at options. My last incarnation happened when I left the for profit world in 2005 after extensive expertise in traditional hi-tech marketing and starting small businesses.

I was selected as a Civic Ventures Encore Fellow. I've developed an expertise in volunteerism with special emphasis on experienced pro bono baby boomers who want to help with building capacity and infrastructure in nonprofits.

In January 2012, I was featured in an article in FastCompany magazine as a Gen Fluxer. What’s Generation Flux? According to Fast Company: “What defines GenFlux is a mind-set that embraces instability, that tolerates--and even enjoys--recalibrating careers, business models, and assumptions.” That’s me!

If you want to consult with me, we can talk about several categories:
• How to become an Encore Fellow.
• How to start a small business.
• How to prepare for teaching ESL in China.
• How to recruit baby boomers for pro bono projects.
• How to design clothing from re-used fabrics.
• Most importantly, how to think outside your head and explore the possibilities!


I have a diverse background, especially in high tech marketing and small businesses in the arts. Because I have many skills across many categories, I consider myself to be a Renaissance person.

In an earlier career adventure, I was an engineer in field maintenance, so I have a very good grasp of how to satisfy customers while solving difficult problems. More recently, I obtained a certification in ESL and spent time in China teaching university students English. I currently tutor a Japanese executive in business English and coach him regarding biz practices especially as they relate to western culture.

A great deal of my career experience has also been spent working for very large companies like Hewlett Packard, IBM and AT&T, as well as starting my own small businesses in the arts. I have started businesses from the ground up as a sole proprietor, LLC and S Corp and non profit.

Transitioning out of for profit into non-profit can be a bit daunting so let’s talk about your plans and I can help you look at a strategy.