Sera Bonds

Austin, Texas, United States

NGO President, Nonprofit Director

Circle of Health International

I've always worked in the field of women's health and feel very lucky to have done so. Women matter greatly as we attempt to empower communities to heal their wounds in today’s world impacted by war and disasters. It is one of the greatest honors of my life to witness the courage and grace women bring to the healing and recovery processes.

In 2004, I founded Circle of Health International and served as its executive director until 2010. I am now the Chair of the Board of Directors. Circle of Health International defines its target population as women in crisis, specifically partnering with women surviving conflict and disaster. The organization collaborates with locally based, grassroots organizations when invited into a country to contribute to women’s health programming.

Circle of Health International is primarily a volunteer-based organization and has been active in Tibet, Palestine, Israel, Sri Lanka, U.S. hurricane sites, Sudan, Tanzania, Haiti, and currently Afghanistan.

In addition to serving as the Board Chair for Circle of Health International, today I work as a reproductive health consultant, while living in wonderful Austin, Texas with my two kids and my husband. I can often be found drinking tea and roaming the food trailer parks that Austin is famous for!

Here’s a bit of what we can cover in our PivotPlanet session(s):
• How to start a non-profit.
• How to connect with people in the field of Global Health and Humanitarian Emergencies
• How to develop a plan to reach their goals.
• How to manage a non-profit and recruit a board.
• How to do development and grant writing.
• My honest and candid version of my own experience.


Circle of Health International has touched many lives and made them better. For example, the organization’s work in the Middle East brought Palestinian and Israeli midwives together. They now attend each other's kids' weddings, birthday parties and work together on a shared program supporting a birth center in the West Bank. It’s amazing.

I truly believe when we work in service of others, work doesn't seem so much like work. I also believe you should follow your bliss, and the net will be there… life is too short not to.